Our Story

Large enough to serve, small enough to care

The company began in the 1980s when Houi Takounseun immigrated to Canada from Thailand with his family of 6. The first few years Mr. Takounseun took odd jobs just to make ends meet for his family.
After getting settled in his new home, he decided to take a risk and started a food importing and distribution business in Toronto. The company was to service the Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese communities with canned goods, rice, and noodles. Mr. Takounseun did well and moved corporate warehouses in 1985 and again in 1989 — the latter being approximately 4 times the size of the previous warehouse at 20,000 square feet.
The company experienced a boom in the 1990’s with a high immigration policy and increased exposure of Canadians to various types of Asian cuisine through travel and the internet.  The company capitalized on their expertise in sourcing authentic products and started to target other Asian demographics (Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Mainland Chinese, etc.) outside of their core consumers.
The 2000’s saw the expansion of the company to target new customers through Mainstream retailers in Ontario. And in 2005, the company had outgrown their previous warehouse and upsized to a 40,000+ square feet warehouse in Markham, ON to service all of Canada.

From these humble beginnings, Ti Foods is now one of the leading sales, marketing, and distribution Asian foods companies in Canada.

Our business spans coast to coast with customers in both Mainstream and Independent retailers and foodservice outlets. The product mix has also evolved to include sources from East Asia and India.
While the company continues to grow, the core values which have been entrenched in the culture since the founder are still present. Ti Foods is still proud to be a family owned and operated company and looks to spread its passion for food to as many people as possible while staying true to its roots.