Our Services

Superior Retail Coverage

There are two kinds of retail channels in Canada. On the one hand are ethnic independent retailers that carry a broad product portfolio and focus on the East Asian demographic. On the other hand are mainstream chain stores that have a much more targeted product selection but cater to the broad Canadian marketplace. We are one of the few players in Canada who can claim direct and strong relationships with both Ethnic & Mainstream retailers. Our long-standing experience and expertise in managing both channels can be invaluable for brands looking for best-in-class reach in the Canadian market.

National Delivery Capability

Canada is the world's second-largest country stretching across 9.9 million square kilometres. A country like UK could fit into Canada over 40 times. We pride ourselves on having the capability to deliver across this massive country by leveraging our 6 storage spaces with a combined warehousing capacity of more than 120,000 sq ft. This warehousing infrastructure along with a dedicated fleet of trucks has enabled us to do store deliveries across Ontario and DC deliveries across Canada.

Efficient Store Management

Our field sales team is well-trained for efficient store merchandising. They have been empowered with latest mobile app technology based on which stock replenishment and display merchandising are executed. They frequently collaborate with store managers and buyers to undertake joint marketing and promotions.

Brand Building

Brand building is at the core of our business philosophy. We have dedicated in-house marketing resources for managing in-store activations & online campaigns. Although the market has changed, one thing has not: We treat the brands we carry as our own brands and put our heart & soul in ensuring their success. It is for this reason that the brands we carry have been with us for many years (some even as long as 35 years)!

Professional Service

We rely on highly advanced systems & processes. Over the years, we have invested in a powerful ERP system, created a customized procurement management tool, and implemented a warehouse management system. These systems give us excellent control on our operations and allow us to provide consistently A-class service to our customers as well as suppliers.