Lychee Green Tea

Drinks Lychee Green Tea Ingredients: Aroy-D Brand canned lychee in syrup 1 can Chin Chin Brand green tea with honey 2 cups Directions: 1. Pour 1 cup lychee syrup and green tea into a shaker. 2. Add some ice into the shaker. 3. Shake for 15-30 seconds. 4. Pour the drink into the glass, add … Read more

Durian Milkshake

Drinks Durian Milkshake Coconut Tree Frozen Mornthong Durian Ingredients: Coco Tree brand Frozen Durian Mornthon, defrosted 2 pieces Vanilla ice cream 6 scoops Milk 1 cup Directions: 1. Pour everything into the blender. 2. Blend for 15-30 seconds. 3. Pour the drink into the glass to serve.