Goong Gra Buang

Appetizers Goong Gra Buang Step1: Goong Gra Buang (Crispy spring rolls stuff with prawn and pork) Little Chef Frozen Spring Roll Pastry Coconut Tree Frozen Fresh Red Chilli Pepper Ingredients: Shrimp Head-on 250 g Minced pork 90 g Green onion, chopped 4 Egg, separate egg yolk and egg white 1 Little Chef Frozen Spring Roll … Read more

Satay Beef

Appetizers Satay Beef Step 1: Barbecued Beef Coconut Tree Brand lemongrass Coconut Tree Brand galangal Ingredients: Coriander seeds 2 tbsp Cumin seeds 2 tsp Black pepper seeds 1 tbs Beef, chilled and sliced 1 lb Turmeric powder ½ tsp Coconut Tree Brand lemongrass, sliced 4 tbsp Coconut Tree Brand galangal, sliced 2 tbsp Dark soy … Read more