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It was back in 1990 when Twin Fish brand started off with its first item – Salted King Mackerel. Since then, our main focus is to develop and deliver best quality products for best price. Nowadays, we have incorporated several items under Twin Fish including Frozen Seafood line such as Basa Fillet and Shrimps.


Our frozen seafood products are packed in certified processing plants to ensure the quality and traceability of the products as our goal is to deliver best products for best price to the Canadian Market.




Feature Products



TWIN FISH Dried Shrimp

TWIN FISH Frozen Basa Fillet

TWIN FISH Frozen Fried Fish Cake

TWIN FISH Salted King Mackerel

TWIN FISH Frozen Raw Head-on Shrimp

TWIN FISH Fresh Durian

TWIN FISH Sweet Tamarind