About Brand


Mr. Brown Coffee is a famous coffee brand in Taiwan, operated under King Car Group. In the 1980s, King Car studied the coffee market in Japan and later introduced the highly exotic “Mr. Brown Coffee” into the Taiwanese market, aiming to promote a coffee culture on the island. Mr. Brown Coffee is the representative masterpiece among the ready-to-drink coffee series. The consistent production process brings forth a high quality coffee blend, leaving consumers something to remember.


Feature Products

MR. BROWN Can Cappuccino Coffee

MR. BROWN Can Coffee w/ Milk

MR.BROWN Can Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

MR. BROWN Can Macadamia Coffee

MR. BROWN Mandheling Blend Coffee 3in1

MR. BROWN Arabica Blend Coffee 3in1

MR. BROWN Macadamia Nut Coffee 3in1