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The Coconut Tree brand is a household favourite when it comes to Vietnamese products both frozen and dry. Coconut Tree produces special items such as the spice cube (Cubes Bun Oc and Cubes Bo Kho) to make meal preparation easier and more convenient for consumers that run on tight schedule. Production using fresh ingredients and authentic taste are two qualities that make Coconut Tree one of the most outstanding brands in the Canadian Market. Coconut Tree brand specialize in Sauces & Pastes, Beverages, Condiments, Pickled & Preserved, Frozen Foods, Rice By-Products, Noodles and Snack, Cookies & Candy.






Feature Products

Coco Tree Dried Noodles Mi Chay

Coco Tree Spice Cubes Hoanh Thanh

Coco Tree Fried Garlic

Coco Tree Coconut Cookies Gai Sua

Coco Tree Frozen Jackfruit

Coco Tree Peanut Cookies

Coco Tree Pickled Leeks

Coco Tree Bamboo Shoot